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What is the first place that strikes your mind when people ask you about beaches? I am sure most of your answers will be Goa. Very few of you may have heard of Goakrna- A small temple town in Karnataka.

Gokarna is a small holy place with excellent beaches, flea markets, beautiful shacks, yoga centers, and many more things, to just relax and enjoy without indulging much into itinerary and your pocket. People living in Bengaluru (approx 485 km), Hyderbad (approx 645 km) and Pune (567km) looking to rejuvenate their mind and body together can reach Gokarna by taking a bus or car(if you are willing for a long drive)

Enroute to Gokarna

One can indulge in a plethora of activities while in Gokarna. There are four main beaches Kudle Beach, Om Beach, Half Moon Beach, and Paradise Beach to visit. You can stay near the Main beach if you wish to stay in the town. The four beaches are on the outskirts of Gokarna and you can trek from Paradise to Half Moon to Om to Kudle beach; and the best part is you don’t need to be an expert in trekking. Just put on your shorts, comfy trekking shoes, and a water bottle to keep you hydrated. If you are tired, try the shacks near Kudle and Half Moon beach!

The Main beach

If you just want to relax without indulging yourself in trekking activities hire an autorickshaw (which is quite affordable) or rent scooties if you are staying in the main town. Once you reach Om beach or Kudle beach you can take a boat ride to reach Paradise Beach or Half Moon Beach. Take it during the sunset to lose yourself in the magnificent view with the sun dropping below the horizon and waves rocking your boat.

Om Beach Boat Ride
Loose yourself in the vastness of the sea | Photo Credit: Saikat Choudhuri

As the name suggests, Half Moon Beach is of perfectly half-moon shape with few shacks and a perfect place for stargazing.

Paradise Beach is secluded without any touch of human civilization; sit and just gaze into the sea and relax. Forget all your stress and city hustle bustles.

Half Moon Beach

Kudle and Om Beach are for relishing your taste buds. Namaste Cafe is a famous eaterie located on Om Beach with a wait time of almost one hour. You won’t get any alcoholic beverages except beer with some limited choice. The food is a little bit on the costlier side with so so taste. The only good thing is its strategic location that opens up to an amazing view. If you want to just relax without thinking much about your pocket, order a bottle of beer, some french fries, and a Tuna dish.

View from Namste cafe
Relax, chit-chat and Enjoy

Chez Christophe located in Gokarna Main Beach is a must-try French cafe. Search the restaurant in Google map that will bring you in front of a paddy field, but don’t worry you need to cross the field and backyard of a house to reach the cafe and all that effort is worth it. The cafe has a beautiful hippie-like ambience with comfortable seatings filled with pillows and cushions. Will recommend visiting for dinner or snacks and enjoy the live performances; dance and sing with other tourists, performers, etc. The entire ambience will make you feel as if you are in any county side cafe of France. The cafe menu has a variety of French culinary options. You get complimentary homemade loaves of bread. Pair it up with the White Sauce Pasta or Lasagna. Caramel Custard is a must-try. And the best part is you get hard drinks here 🙂

Cafe Entrance

If you love the idea of being a hippie go to any local shop and buy kurtas, shirts, harem pants or skirts with Om or Shiva printed in almost all of them, and pair them up with colorful chappals. You will also get handmade trinkets and jewelry! And don’t forget the souvenirs for your friends from Gokarna. Gokarna market is one of the finest and cheapest ( you should know how to bargain 😉 ) flea market that will tempt you to shop till you drop.

Soak yourself in the Hippie vibe
Shop at flea market

Your trip to Gokarna without trekking is incomplete. And sadly this time we couldn’t do that. Hence, I look forward to going there once again and feel the adrenaline rush while trekking through Paradise and OM beach.

We stayed in Poornima Beach Resort, Main Beach. All the rooms were beach facing with a unique view.

Poornima Beach Resort | Photo Credit: Souravmoy Gorai
View from the balcony | Photo Credit: Souravmoy Gorai

Gokarna’s natural beauty with its tranquility and serenity will win over your heart. Witness an amazing sunset, enjoy the sound of wave, gaze the clear blue water, and stroll around the beaches. What more can you ask for a pocket-friendly weekend gateway!

The Gokarna Beaches

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