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I am a Bengali! For those of you who are not familiar with this term please click here

My Insights

  • Science – I am a scientist by training and profession. I completed my doctorate from Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati and moved to US to work at the University of Pennsylvania. My core expertise involves nanotechnology, tissue engineering, biomaterials, nerve regeneration and skeletal muscle repair. In other words, I make artificial muscle and nerve grafts for application in surgical repair after nerve/muscle injury. However, my interest in Science is more widespread and cuts across regenerative medicine, science policies, current opinions and burning issues related to scientists worldwide.
  • History – My least favorite subject during schooldays has become one of my favorite things to read. I am especially interested in learning and writing about ancient Indian civilization.
  • Public policies – I closely follow public policies especially in India and will use this platform to share my insights as a common Indian but with a scientific temperament.
  • Food – A Bong is a Foodie by default. Hence, you would definitely find blogs about different food cultures, history as well as nutrition related information.

I am a novice at blogging but hopefully I will enjoy this and get better with time. Hopefully, you would also enjoy reading my insights in different topics. I will greatly appreciate your comments/suggestions on all my blogs.

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